Puratasi 2019

Why are these Saturdays going to be important? These 4 Saturdays are very important for wealth. And the Sun is shining in Virgo. So I strongly recommend that you make use of these 4 Saturdays. The 4 spectacular Saturdays in the Tamil month of Purattasi mid-Sep to mid-Octare celebrated every year because of their strong connection to Vishnu and financial prosperity. During this month, the Sun is in Virgo, a sign ruled by Mercury.

Purattasi Saturdays are highly auspicious to participate in Poojas for Vishnu, who can give prosperity blessings on these power days. Venkateshwara is the protector of the Kali Yuga and can shower wealth, wellbeing, prosperity, pleasures, and spiritual enlightenment blessings upon those who connect powerfully with him. On the final Saturday, we will be invoking Lord Vishnu using a sloka which has the power to give you wisdom and make you more intelligent and smarter.

As a grand finale of the Vishnu Saturdays, we will be invoking Vishnu in the form of Achyuta Narayana, the one who always protects those who take refuge in him in a Fire Lab. He has the power to bestow wealth, knowledge, good health, luck, longevity, and Moksha salvation.

Astrologically, each of the four Saturdays in Purattasi is unique, and all share the power to reduce the malefic effects of planet Saturn. According to traditional practices, when you invoke Vishnu on these special Saturdays, you can obtain blessings for health, wealth, happiness, and career.

According to Vishnu Sahasranamam, performing a sacred fire lab invoking Vishnu by chanting this name can bestow the following blessings. As per the sacred texts, chanting Venkatesa Sahasranamam Names of Lord Venkateshwara followed by a Fire Lab for Vishnu as Achyuta Narayana can destroy negativity, fear, poverty, enmity, help get rid of planetary Doshas Afflictions and bestow wealth, knowledge, good health, luck, longevity, and Moksha salvation.

Chanting this sacred hymn which comprises of unique names of Vishnu on Saturdays can bestow wealth, material comforts, happiness, victory, relief from fear and negative thoughts, and grant salvation.

The 4 spectacular Saturdays, in the Tamil month of Purattasi mid-Sep to mid-Octare celebrated every year because of their strong connection to Lord Vishnu and financial prosperity. Purattasi Saturdays are highly auspicious to participate in special fire labs and Poojas for Lord Vishnu, who can give wealth and overall prosperity blessings on these power days.

புண்ணியம் தரும் புரட்டாசி சனி - பெருமாளுக்கு விரதம் இருந்தால் கிடைக்கும் பலன்கள்

You will receive the sacred grey ash powder from the Homa, which will be blessed in the rituals. Keep this on your meditation altar and wear it on your forehead during meditation or at other times to expand the Divine blessings into your life.

The ritual is the carbonization of thoughts. Carbon is our information bearing atoms. The carbon residue ash given out as Prasad is to be placed on the third eye area of the participants and carries the blessings of the archetypes invoked.

Purattasi Masam in 2019

Please Note: Your prasad will be shipped from Chennai, Tamil Nadu, after the entire set of rituals are performed. For international shipping, please allow 2 — 4 weeks for delivery.For Quick Alerts. Subscribe Now. For Daily Alerts. Must Watch. By C Jeyalakshmi. Allow Notifications. You have already subscribed.

Tamil month Purattasi is one of the very special months for Hindus. We Tamil people celebrate Purattasi sani in a grand manner by offering 5 verities of food sweet pongal, vadai, and Mavilaku. Notification Settings X Time Settings.

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Singapore Little India Perumal Temple Puratasi utsava 2019

The whole of We have to forgo 2 important aspects for this year. First, temple visits and second hearing the Sarvari New Year Panjangam being read. Sri Renganathar Temple Committee wishes all devotees: 1. Ugathi Subakanchalu 2.

Happy Vaishaki Festival 3. Vishu Ashamsagal 4. Happy Sarvari Chitra New Year. RamanujaM Sri Renganathar Temple. Jai Sriman Narayana covid stayathome. Due to the Covid 19 problems, All Temples are to be closed and pooja can be done by Priests only with gates closed.

Just pray to Lord Rama at Home for His blessings. We will do Abishegam in the morning with special Archana and Ram Kirtan at 9. Meaning : The west facing form of Lord Garuda removes all types of ailments, negativities, black magic, poison, and fear. Please be informed that our Temple will remain closed from All those who have booked Weddings and other Pooja functions have to differ it to a different date or get a full refund from the Temple. You must bring along the receipt issued to you without which refunds cannot be facilitated.

As per Government order in containing the spread of Corono Virus Covid 19 all places of worship has to be closed till Sri Renganathar Temple will be conducting nitya Pooja as usual 6.

Devotees can pray from home, reciting the Let us pray that this ordeal will go away sooner than expected. RamanujaM Sri Renganathar Temple Temple will open at am to am for morning prayers and 6.

These are tough and painful decisions but we need to implement them, keeping in mind the safety and well being of our devotees and the country. I hope all regular temple worshipers and devotees will understand and continue to support us in our efforts during this critical period.

Tamil Calendar 2020 - Free Online Tamil Calendar

He was stressing on choice of food, health status of individual and lifestyle adaptations during this outbreak. There are 2 Panjangams in use now. One is Thirukanitham, another one is Vakkya panjangam.Purattasi is the name of the sixth month in the Tamil calendar.

This month is considered very auspicious and is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and his various forms. The Saturdays that fall in the Tamil month of Purattasi mid-September to mid-October are ideal to worship Vishnu in his most supreme form as Venkateshwara to gain material wealth. In Purattasi, the Sun is in Virgo, a sign ruled by Mercury. Performing poojas for Lord Vishnu on Purattasi Saturdays can bring prosperity. Saturday is a favorite day for the lord so people observe a strict fast and offer special prayers and rituals to him on all Purattasi Saturdays.

Lord Venkateshwara came to earth to save his devotees from the problems posed by Kaliyuga. The lord took the form of Venkateshwara Lord Tirupati, the supreme lord of wealth and came in search of his consort who had been born as Padmavati in the household of Akasha Rajan. He married her in a grand ceremony and made her his divine consort. Wealth, well-being, pleasures and spiritual enlightenment are granted to those who connect with the lord. Purattasi month is called Ashwin by those in North India.

Mahalaya Paksha or Pitru paksha and Durga Navratri fall in this month. Non-vegetarians refrain from eating non-veg food, a belief that is based on science. This period brings rain and the beneficial rays of the sun are obscured. When it rains, the earth which has become hot in the period before the rains, begins to release heat. This heat is more harmful than the summer heat and our digestive systems may be affected. This is also a time when many people fall ill due to the change in weather.

It is also a time when certain creatures breed. For all these reason, people avoid meat during this month and eat simple vegetarian fare. People observe strict fast and offer special prayers and rituals to Lord Venkateshwara on all Saturdays of Purattasi month. Special Poojas are performed in Tirupathi temple on Purattasi Saturdays. Poojas conducted on this day may help those who suffer from chronic illness, financial losses and delay in marriage. Shani bestows good health, long life, leadership, authority, ambition, wisdom and immense wealth to his devotees.

By worshipping Vishnu and fasting on Purattasi Saturdays Shani can be appeased. Devotees in Tamil Nadu offer 5 rice varieties, sweet pongal, Maa vilakku and vada malai for the lord. It is believed that wealth and prosperity are assured for those who perform rituals during Purattasi month.

Your email address will not be published. What is Purattasi Saturday? Legend behind Purattasi Saturday Saturday is a favorite day for the lord so people observe a strict fast and offer special prayers and rituals to him on all Purattasi Saturdays. How to observe Purattasi Saturday? Submit a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Search for:.Welcome to Tamil Daily Calendar Website. In service to tamil people all around the world, we bring you the tamil daily calendar sheets for your auspicious events reference. Calendars shown above is for Indian timings. Kindly consult your astrologers for the specific time for your auspicious events.

Tamil Calendar is followed by Tamil people around the world is based on Moon and Star events. Tamil people traditionally follow the calendar to auspicous events and timings. Tamil people refer this for all events like cultural or relgious. Traditionally Tamil year starts on 14th April every year. Week Days are named after the planets on solar system.

Year is divided into six seasons each lasting for two months. Tamil calendar follows 60 year cycle closely resembling to other calendars followed in Indian subcontinent. Day starts with sunrise and ends with sunset. Fifth month Aavani and tenth month Thai are considered as very auspicious for the wedding and other events. Fourth month Aadi is considered as inauspicious. Chithirai - First month on tamil calendar.

Chithirai first date is tamil new year. Usually falls on 14 April of english calendar.

puratasi 2019

Chithirai month have 31 days. Chithirai thiruvizha celebrated in this month. Vaigasi - Second month on tamil calendar. Vaigasi month have 31 days. Favorable month of Muruga Kadavul. Vaigasi Visakam is the most important day of this month. Aadi - Fourth month on tamil calendar. Aadi month have 31 days. Tamil people celebrate Aadi Amavasai and Aadiperukku. Thai - Tenth month on tamil calendar. Thai month have 29 or 30 days. Harvesting month and Pongal celebrations are done on this month.

Panguni - Twelth month on tamil calendar. Panguni have 30 days. This is the last month on tamil calendar. Donate To Support Us : This website is maintained for social cause and not for profit and not for any commercial interest. Tamil Calendar - Yesterday Today Tomorrow. Previous Day Next Day. Rasi Palan :. Daily Rasi Palan. Weekly Rasi Palan. Monthly Rasi Palan.The Brahmotsavam pictures are just awesome.

So are the thambulam bags by Jayu. Satisfying blog. Great write up about Purattasi.

puratasi 2019

I hope you continue writing about the importance of all Tamil months like this. Especially for anadis like me. The articles are very crisp and informative, and the pictures are really excellent. Thanks so much for sharing such valuable information. Keep up this great work!!! The photos are so nice some will become my wallpaper!! Though it may be out of place this is also the month of maalayapaksham when our forefathers are saluted!! There is a story behind Mahalaya Paksham. It in fact stresses the importance of the period.

The famous hero of the Mahabharata epic, Shri Karna, who is called Pandava's half brother, when he passed away, because of the magnanimous charity he did during his life time, he ascended to the heavenly planet. In return he got many things from the heaven like gold, silver, etc.

He worshiped Lord Yamaraja, who obliged him to send him back to the earth to make good of that. While he was back, he fed a number of Brahmins, particularly the poor for a period of 14 days or so and offered oblations of water. After this, based on his request, Lord Yamaraj took him back to the heavenly planet.

It is these 14 days that are being celebrated as Mahalaya Paksha. During Purattasi month, Shri Shaneeswara Bhagawan is said to reduce his negative power and hence it is said that it is the best period to win the favour of Shani Bhagawan. Further, the Saturdays during this month is considered most auspicious, mainly because the month is associated with Lord Vishnu and Lord Anjaneya. I am grateful for this blog to distribute knowledge about this significant topic.

Here I found different segments and now I am going to use these new instructions with new enthusiasm. Thanks for sharing this useful post with the community! Purattasi Viratham Purattasi Masam. Purattasi is an important Tamil month usually from September 16 — October Purattasi is the sixth month in Tamil calendar. This month is considered highly auspicious and is dedicated to Lord Venkateswara. InPurattasi Month is from 18 th September to 17 th October. Special homams and pujas are observed on Saturdays in this month.

And also Navratri festival is observed this year in Purattasi month. Some people eat only vegetarian food during the entire Purattasi month. This month is considered ideal for thanking Lord Venkateswara for preserving the Universe at the end of Kali Yuga.

The Saturdays of Purattasi month are considered very sacred. In this whole month, Lord is worshipped with fasting on Saturdays as it is a favorite day for him.

People observe strict Vrat and offer special prayers and rituals to Lord Venkateswara on all Saturdays in Purattasi month. Another version says that Lord Shani Bhagwan loses his powers in Purattasi month. So, the adverse aspects of Planet Shani or Saturn cannot create any trouble or problems. Sage Narada wanted to know how devotees can worship Lord Venkateswara after his arrival to Vaikundam.

Lord Vishnu replied that people who observe fast and pray to Him on Saturdays in Purattasi month can eliminate poverty caused by Lord Shani during Purattasi month. Usually, Saturday worship are auspicious for getting free from evil influences of Shani, it is easy way to please him on this day.

Since, Lord Shani loses his powers in Purattasi month; he will not come in the way of worship dedicated to Lord Venkateswara. Devotees offer sesame oil lamps and ghee lamps to Lord Shani Dev in this month. On Saturdays, the two feet symbol of Lord Vishnu Naamam is drawn on the forehead of both males and females. Hymns are chanted on Saturdays dedicated to Lord Vishnu. Large number of devotees visits Lord Venkateswara temples in this month.

It is said that Lord Balaji expects his devotees to come to Tirumala Tirupati during every Saturdays of Purattasi month. Mavilaku made of rice flour with added jaggery, Cashew and Cow ghee. They used to light a lamp on any one of the Saturdays, on the first or third Saturday. Mainly, this ritual is done when there is no Utsavam is going on in Tirupati Temple.

In many houses, the prayers start with burning of camphor, agarbathi, singing religious songs and ringing of sacred bells. Finally, the Prasad blessed food is offered to all present. Purattasi Saturday worship is the easiest way to please Lord Venkateswara and get his divine blessings. By performing special rituals on this day, you will attain happiness, wealth and prosperity along with blessings of Lord and also get rid of sins.

puratasi 2019

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