Best cam for olds 455

There's no question that cubic inches of displacement equal a big motor. Nevertheless, this giant engine from the General is a little mysterious. In the beginning, you would find them in Oldsmobile Motor Division products. As time went on you started seeing this exact displacement under the hood of Buicks and performance models from the Pontiac Motor Division. Here we'll dig into the history of the record torque producing big block. Discover if the Buick, Pontiac or Oldsmobile engine has an advantage over the other.

Finally, learn how the benefited during a time when GM's divisions took great pride in making their own engines. Olds beat the other GM divisions to market with the first Cubic Inch motor. In the engine found its way into Oldsmobile's premium luxury muscle car, the They called it the Rocket which became an excellent marketing tool. They based the engine off of the CID found in the Toronado. The company actually retained the same size bore yet increased the stroke by altering the crankshaft.

The side effects of a longer stroke include a healthy increase in torque. The downside is the engine finds itself a little slower at gathering RPMs. Horsepower ratings from through remained in the to HP range. At first, the engines remained exclusive to the Toronado, Cutlass and 's. The Buick version of the is actually quite different from the Oldsmobile version.

For this reason, GM considered it a thin-walled big block. The advantage of this casting design is a significant drop in weight over the other versions. In fact, the engine actually weighed close to pounds less than the legendary big block that Chevy used.

This weight reduction compensated for slightly lower horsepower output from the Buick version. This engine had a short run starting in In General Motors started using the same engines across the different divisions and platforms. For this reason, you often find an Oldsmobile under the hood of a or later Buick model. In Pontiac really didn't have a small block engine. In an effort to keep things simple Pontiac designed all their V-8 engines around the same casting.

Even the small displacement CID motor is considered a big block. Therefore, the Tri-power Trophy engine is also based off of the block casting. Fast forwarding to Pontiac altered the bore and stroke to produce the When rolled around, Pontiac offered their largest displacement in the company's history.Remember Me?

Advanced Search. Page 1 of 4 1 2 3 4 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Thread: cam recomendations for a olds Got her home and found that the motor was pretty much trashed PO let it freeze and bust Week later I find a decent block to use and I have everything at the machine shop getting checked out.

I'm planning on using the stock pistons from the bad motor and the K heads that were on it. It had a fairly lopey cam in it but it also had a few lobes worn on it so I dropped it on the floor and watched it snap in two!! SO, my question after reading entirely too much about this the last week or so, I don't know what I should get.

I really want it to sound hot roddish as I'm needing to hear it run if you know what mean but I want it to be as flat out reliable as I can keep it as its gonna be a family fun boat not a racer.

It has the factory pac a jet tubes and an edlbrock carb carb with stock intake and hei dizzy. Any help as I just sunk a lot of money into this just to get the engine back to spec. Suggestions from you fine folks with eternal knowledge on olds 's please speak up.

Im listening!

best cam for olds 455

Re: cam recomendations for a olds Hello and welcome Check this thread out for some good tips Nationwide Insurance Agent www. Re: cam recomendations for a olds Here's some food for thought and a recommendation sort of.

Cam question for my dads 455 olds

Matching your cam to both your impeller and what your motor can handle will be the best choice or biggest mistake. There's only so high you can lift before coil bind on a stock set up. Last edited by freudian Slip; at PM. Reason: Forgot 7 When I look in the mirror. I see a unicorn Re: cam recomendations for a olds Im doing all the oil mods I can to the block and heads beside drilling the heads for an external drain.

Seems to me the motor made it this long since 73, I don't see how it coulda made it this far if they are that easy to melt! I understand though the thought process on helping it live though!

I suppose you have to pull the impeller out to see what it is? I do know we had the valve spring checked out as they have been changed and they worked out to be stock replacements!

SO, stock valve springs, hydraulic lifters I just want it to sound like a jet boat, not the 4door version! Turned crank. I can't find the or info on it due to a move. Use the thick gaskets for intake vs the big pan.Camshaft 45 degree. OE All trans. Camshaft 39 degree. MT except W AT except W Except W Based on a degree lobe centerline, this cam features degree intake duration and degree exhaust at. Very rough idle. Use with 4 speed, or automatic with rpm stall converter and 4.

This cam is just plain nasty sounding! Produces outstanding horsepower and torque to RPM. Will pass NHRA tech for stock eliminator. Fits all V8. Click here for photo Fits all V8 Click here for photo Please note: Zink additive Part Number listed below must also be used for proper cam and lifter break-in. While this is fine for late model engines using roller lifters, but in our older flat tappet applications, the elimination of ZDDP will result in rapid and severe camshaft and lifter wear.

It is critical that a new camshaft and lifers are broken in with oil containing ZDDP or the use of a bottle of zink additive. We also recommend ZDDPlus with each oil change. Stickers - Emblems. Power And Manual Steering.

All 455 Olds Rocket Engines Horsepower Specs

Brake System. Wheel Parts. Oil Seals. Engine Components. Used Engine Parts. Cooling, Heating, Air Conditioning. Fuel System. Emission System.

Exhaust Parts.

Gilomen olds 98 burnout 455 3.73 comp xe274h cam

Electrical - Ignition Components. Electrical - Switches, Relays. Electrical - Motors. Electrical - Wire, Cable. Electrical - Alt - Starter Assemblies, Components.Phil The Great White Buffalo. USA Posts. P-Body Running Bear. USA 77 Posts. Roy Russell Brave that Heals.

Admin Ye Olde Webmaster. Cliff Cochise. Roadrage David Cochise. Netherlands Posts. Canada Posts. Mark S. Kiwi Mal Crazy Horse. New Zealand Posts. Steve C. Save Password. Since I value everyones opinion on this forum, I would appreciate any input on cam recommendations for my new combo.

Specs are as follows: Car used primarily for street fun and weekend cruising. Occasional every few years drag strip fun, so I am not looking for every th "gnats eyelash" edge if it sacrifices durability or reliability. Was thinking about the popular cam, or perhaps a Nunzi or with 1. Any suggestions are appreciated. Bowties are for Pee-wee Herman. LS swaps in Pontiacs should only apply to Fieros.All GM car makers had a engine, and each car under that umbrella had its own version.

Oldsmobile's version was part of the Rocket series of V-8 engines that powered its cars. The Olds engine was created out of the engine in by changing the internal workings. The bore was kept the same and the stroke was extended. The engine was used across the Oldsmobile lineup through and horsepower ranged from up to The bore and stroke the size of cylinder and the distance it moves was 4.

With a longer stroke, torque was generally high. In the Delta 88 it had ft. Two- or four-barrel carburetors affected horsepower, as did the compression ratio, which varied from to 9. The compression ratio is how much the fuel and air mixture is compressed at combustion. The Delta 88 produced horsepower with the engine, while the Ninety Eight with a four-barrel produced horsepower.

In the early '70s the fuel crisis and rising emission standards ended the muscle car era. By the horsepower in the Ninety Eight was down to This article was written by the It Still Runs team, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information.

best cam for olds 455

To submit your questions or ideas, or to simply learn more about It Still Runs, contact us. Power Ratings The Delta 88 produced horsepower with the engine, while the Ninety Eight with a four-barrel produced horsepower. About the Author This article was written by the It Still Runs team, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information.Display Options.

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OLDSMOBILE 7.5L/455 Camshaft Kits

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best cam for olds 455

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Beat-a-Price Guarantee Details.On the street, torque is king. One of the best and simplest ways to make gobs of frame-twisting torque is with cubic inches. Among the torque kings in the GM world are the Buick, Pontiac, and Olds ci twisters, but it's often the Olds that wins out.

While the good Dr. Olds factory variants have been the staples of Rocket performance building for decades, Edelbrock's aluminum head contribution has made building one of these big-blocks enticing and weight conscious.

So when it came time to freshen up the tired in our budget '64 F Olds project, we learned a few assembly tricks for our fat-block we thought we'd pass along that will ensure our Olds lives a long and prosperous life-and makes some acceptable power, too. The plan was a much more street-conservative approach versus our usual max-out horsepower effort-more of an everyman's big-block. We wanted a daily-driver engine with pump-gas-friendly compression and a Comp flat-tappet hydraulic cam to enhance the Olds' already legendary torque.

We really enjoy cruising the F with its patina paint, so future plans include either a tight converter combined with a California Performance Transmissions R overdrive automatic, or maybe we'll retain the TH and just slip a 2. Either way, our recipe called for a motor that would make stupid low-speed torque while still pushing our F to mid quarter-mile times.

All this was also with an eye toward not destroying what was left of our meager car budget. Since we had never assembled an Olds motor before, we relied heavily on advice and assistance from Don Barrington at Barrington Engines and Dick Miller Racing DMRwhose Mississippi-based shop offers tons of options for the Rocket engine builder. Barrington and Miller helped us avoid the common assembly mistakes on our ci street engine, and much of the success of this engine is due to their significant contributions.

Search and Destroy While it would have been cheaper to rebuild the existing in the '64 F, we knew the build would take some time, and we wanted to continue to drive the car. We found a used short-block on Craigslist that got us started. Engine and Performance Warehouse in Anaheim, California, repaired our ailing crank and gave it a perfect 0.

best cam for olds 455

We then took the block, crank, rods, and pistons to Barrington Engines where Don Sr. West Valley did the balancing act. One trick Barrington and Miller suggested was replacing the stock Conestoga wagon-era rope rear main seal with a neoprene lip seal from a Ford. Next, the guys encouraged us to add cam bearing restrictors that direct more oil to the mains. Our next surprise came with the rear main bearing clearance measuring a wide 0.

Barrington says this was factory intentional to flood the rope seal with oil to prevent it from overheating. Barrington suggested we retain the clearance because it would require expensive line boring to repair, so we followed his advice. We've also outlined a couple of other Olds-specific assembly techniques that can save you some grief when assembling a street Rocket.

This limited flow is partly due to the requirement that the ports especially the exhaust remain in their stock locations. We wanted to improve on the intake flow slightly without spending big bucks for CNC porting, so we tried the classic degree back-cut trick on the Edelbrock valves, which netted a minor flow improvement. The Edelbrock heads measure 77 cc and combined with the 15cc dished KB pistons create a A simple degree back-cut on the Edelbrock intake valves was worth as much as 12 cfm at 0.

The production head we tested at 0. Our modified Edelbrock's amazing cfm flow improvement at 0.

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